Welcome to the official site of the traditional Bosnian restaurant “House of Spite” ( Inat kuća). The restaurant was opened in 1998. and is located in Sarajevo in Old town Alifakovac.

This house has entered into history and became one of the legends of Sarajevo during the rule of Austria-Hungary monarchy. At the end of 20 century new rulers started building City Hall it suposed to be demolished, but the owner was against that and house was moved to the other side of the river in its original form. Brick by brick, stone by stone. Its locate just oposite of City Hall (the most famous buildings in Sarajevo), on the other end of Šeher – Ćehajas bridge. More on this story can be found in the part of history.

Dear guest,

Enjoy sitting on the bank of the river, with authentic food and authentic Bosnian music (sevdalinka) while looking at how life takes place in Sarajevo in its original form. 

We organize weddings, dinners and folk-music programs for groups.